Thursday, January 18, 2007

You too, Oscar, my son?

This morning, something new is brewing. Velonews reports that Le Monde, the French newspaper, alleges that Oscar Pereiro tested positive twice for salbutamol during the 2006 TdF. Neither UCI nor the Spanish cycling federation could confirm the allegations. Apparently Pereiro had a TUE for it, and had just not provided all required documentation. AFLD commented

"that the tests amounted to "false positives" that showed only a negligible amount of salbuterol, and he chided the French anti-doping association for leaking the information to the media."

Here we go, again. And when this is all over in 2012, Levi will be declared the winner of the 2006 TdF; 10 more riders to go.

Lastly, TBV has picked up my site; thanks for the plug and the comment.

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