Friday, January 5, 2007

Warming Up

So far, I'm my only visitor ...

One of my primary interests is cycling; I ride a 63cm Trek2000, and cycled 2052 miles last year, mostly on weekends, occasionally to work. One of the best rides of the year was cycling (almost all the way) counter-clockwise around Lake Tahoe; despite that after 66 out of 72 miles and two flats, one broken spare tube and a sliced tire, I had to hitch a ride back to South Lake.

This year's resolution are 2500 miles, and once temperatures are back in the mid- to upper 60s and it's still daylight at 7pm, at least once a week I'd like to do the 58-mile round-trip to and from work. By end of this month, I hope to already get some serious mileage in, as my wife and I will be spending a week on the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm looking forward to joining the Kona Saturday Morning Ride; 7am is not THAT bad.

Despite the doping accusations against Floyd Landis, I still feel getting a lot of inspiration for my own rides by virtue of his great comeback in Stage 17 of the 2006 TdF. Personally, I'm biased towards Floyd Landis, and I hope that he'll be cleared from the doping charges; if not, I'd be REALLY disappointed. To best keep track about all developments in the Floyd Landis case, visit Trust But Verify; in my opinion it is the best Floyd Landis resource on the web.


dan said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging about the Landis case. There's certainly plenty of interesting material to be found at TBV.

And by the way, now you've had at least two other visitors. TBV and myself.

- Rant

dan said...

Correction: I actually found your site via my blog's statistics. But if you keep writing about Landis, TBV is sure to find you.

- Rant

pommi said...


I really appreciate your comments, and thanks for doubling my visitor count :).