Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday, Jan 7

Today's been a beautiful day in the Bay Area. Temperatures around 60 degrees brought many cyclists out on the road. I completed a 40-mile loop on one of my favorite routes, starting at the intersection of Highway 92 and Canada Rd. The road is partially closed for car traffic on Sundays between 9am and 3-4pm, depending on the season, thus making it an ideal venture for skaters, runners and cyclists to enjoy about 3 1/2 miles of rolling hills, without the risk of being run over by a speeding SUV. The route continues to Woodside, where you continue straight on Mountain Home Rd, and soon pass the estate of Larry Ellison. Not much to see from the road, other than a small security building and a big wooden gate. The route continues on Portola Rd, Sand Hill Rd, Alpine, Aratrasdero, Purissima, Robleda, Elena, S El Monte, and then ends on Foothill in Los Altos. From there you head north-west; Foothill becomes Junipero Serra, and merges with Alpine into Santa Cruz Rd. Turn left on Sand Hill, and after a few miles, you turn right onto Whiskey Hill Rd, which brings you back to Woodside. Woodside was formerly known as "Whiskey Hill" before it was bought by William Haacker and then renamed to "Haackerville". Another 7 1/2 miles are left to get back to the starting point. One lesson learned: you don't have to have a TT bike and upper legs like Arnold 20 years ago, to be dropped by an oldie like me (doped with pan cakes) on an incline. This was my Stage 17 moment today.

My 2007 riding stats:
#of rides: 2, annual mileage: 78, on pace: 4067.

In other news, the Floyd Landis Forum on Topix is overrun by a bunch of Will's. The first impostor from Chicago is giving our beloved Will from Baltimore a hard time. It's funny at times, but right now, there's no point on spending valuable time there, until things have settled or major Landis news surfaced.

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