Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some TheDickPound news

As noted in yesterday's gloomy prophecy ("where's WADA when you need it?"), Pound stepped into the light today, and "called for "greater unity" of the sports' institutions in the fight against doping". According to Reuters, he also called for expedited processing of doping cases. How ironic that he comes up with that idea now, after having dragged out the Floyd Landis case for months and months. On the other hand, Pound wants the AFLD to defer its investigation after the WADA/UCI proceedings on the Landis case. What is also funny, is that he was quoted saying

"But we at WADA have never said anything about the guilt or innocence of the person involved. We just say that the process has to run its course, and we will see what decision is taken at the end."

I'm speechless ...

And here the latest: Reuters Canada reports that Pound has been "summoned to answer defamation charges brought by former Austria cross-country coach Walter Mayer". Now, how close are we to a class action suit against Pound regarding defamation of athletes ?

But now I'm really off. Aloha!

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