Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Next stop: Kona

Pereiro, Vandenbroucke, Lefevere, Museeuw ... not a day goes by without some new revelations and/or accusations about current or past doping, and whether it's been "doping" after all. Now who is next ? Then, a power struggle has emerged between UCI and AFLD. Each of them wants to be entity that makes the final decision on Pereiro. Now where's WADA when you need it ? Just kidding ... and I need a vacation, and a week of being in paradise lies ahead.

In less than 48 hours, I'll be sitting at the beach near Kona with my wife on my side, and a Mai Tai in my hand. Pedals, shoes, helmet, jerseys and shorts are packed. I'll be renting a Specialized Allez from Bike Works in Kona, since paying an extra $170, to take my bike on that round-trip, is a bit steep. My plan is to attend the Kona Saturday Morning Ride of the Hawaiian Cycling Club (HCC), and otherwise spend as many miles riding as I can, without upsetting my wife or the bartender. There will be time to explore the island and its culture, time to reset yourself and refocus on the essential things in life. Until then, aloha!

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