Monday, January 15, 2007

Mon, Jan 15

The weather on Martin Luther King Day didn't quite cooperate today either; sunny, but still cold. On the other hand, my wife was happy that we paid IKEA a visit instead. We like IKEA, and our house has almost become an IKEA showroom by now, which is not a bad thing. IKEA's modern and refreshing style makes American furniture look even more antique. And you've got to try these Swedish meatballs, available in the IKEA Sweden shop !

"24" has been reduced to "20", after the first four hours have passed. I realized that Alexander Siddig plays a role ("Assad") here, similarly renouncing the past as he did in "Syriana" ("Prince Nasir Al-Subaai"). The conclusion of today's show was kind of ... unexpected. The thought of this becoming reality though, IS scary; what a coincidence that the Doomsday Clock will move forward in two days.

Back to cycling, or better: not-cycling ... as far as I'm concerned, I'm ready for spring to get back on pace. My 2007 riding stats, same as a week ago, but I'm losing my pace quickly:
#of rides: 2, annual mileage: 78, on pace: 1898.

In cycling related news, two sad stories made it: first, former Phonak rider Uros Murn (now Discovery) was hit by a car while training. He's expected to be out for at least three months. And secondly, and unfortunately with a even more saddening ending, is that a prominent UK cyclist was killed on Sunday morning, also during a training ride.

Be safe out there !

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