Friday, January 19, 2007

Imagine the Olympics and nobody is cycling

UCI's Pat McQuaid has concerns that the IOC might one day scrap Cycling from the Olympics due to the ongoing and endless doping discussions. While this is certainly possible, consequently there should be no Swimming, no Nordic competitions, no Track and Field, and no Baseball, just to name a few. Billiards with its 9.96% AAF rate, according to WADA's 2005 annual report, would never become an Olympic discipline (not that anyone wishes for that). Which true sports, without the doping tarnish, are left in the Olympics ? Tobogganing ? Water polo ? Does anyone remember the good ol' days of the Olympics ? From

"Since the Games were not well publicized internationally, contestants were not nationally chosen but rather came individually and at their own expense. Some contestants were tourists who happened to be in the area during the Games. Athletes wore their athletic club uniform rather than a national team one. Pole vaulting, sprints, shot put, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, target shooting, tennis, marathon and gymnastics were all events at the first Olympics. The swimming events were held in the Bay of Zea in the Aegean Sea. Gold medalist, Alfred Hoyos Guttmann described it: "I won ahead of the others with a big lead, but my greatest struggle was against the towering twelve-foot waves and the terribly cold water.""

TBV has some suggestions that might bring back the Olympic spirit:
"We should adopt the Little Indy 500 rules and issue everyone Huffy or Schwinn bikes, too. Also, because everyone should be an amateur, we should have free admission and no commercials in any media coverage. Training should be limited to 5 hours a week, any any competitor must hold a regular 9-5 job, with no equivalence in "army" service or the like. All must live in the Olympic village for the entirety of the games, where bread and water will be served for meals 24 hours a day -- with all the olive oil they like, for whatever purpose they wish to use it for. It goes without saying that there may be no prize money give to athletes by their federations, nor support by the federations beyond uniforms and transportation to the games."

On my wish list: bring back the 4-horse chariot race.

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