Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Floyd "Red Bull" Landis

My attempt to raise some discussion about that can in Floyd's hand during Stage 4 of last year's TdF, went nowhere. Caffeine was on WADA's list of prohibited substances and methods prior to January 2004. In 2005, WADA was said to consider reinstating the ban because of claims that caffeine helped boost performance significantly. I have not seen anything suggesting that WADA acted on it. Studies confirm the actual performance gain, and Floyd APPEARS to take advantage of it. But No, Red Bull does NOT contain bull testosterone as some urban legend once suggested. Prost!

And in the final 2006 reader poll of, Paolo Bettini takes the crown for "Rider of the Year" (28.9% of votes), followed by Landis (19.8%); 3rd place for Valverde (14.2%), whose dog's name was also found in Fuente's address book. My suggestion for pro-cyclists: name your dog "Pound", "McQuaid", or "Baltimore-Will".

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