Saturday, January 20, 2007

Floyd in talks with Vaughter's Team Slipstream

According to CN, Floyd Landis is in discussion with his former USPS team mate Jonathan Vaughters about Landis' potential return to racing. Vaughters is the team director of the Pro-Conti Team Slipstream Powered by Chipotle, but he made clear that if Floyd can't prove his innocence or won't be fully exonerated, Vaughters would not further be interested in taking in Landis. CN also quotes Vaughters from a November 2006 interview when asked about how to address the damage that has been done to cycling:

"It's too late to address the damage. At this point it's a matter of rebuilding from the ground up. Time must pass and time without any scandals. For this to happen, teams need to simply make sure the explicit and implicit message to their riders is: we love you even if you don't win all the time. We (me, directors, sponsors, management) have to start treating this as a sport, not just a business. We have to start treating the athletes as humans, not expendable fodder. If you say to an athlete, 'you must win today or else', the clever cyclist will make sure he wins, but the way it's done may not be so healthy for the sport or his body."

Rant also points fingers at the conduct of certain WADA and UCI officials:
For the good of the sport, they need to change their ways. If they can’t, they should be replaced.

The public pressure on WADA is already working, and is revising its doping code. Dick Pound is gone within the year. So there is hope for cycling; I'm optimistic.

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