Monday, January 8, 2007

Erik Zabel - 2006 "legend of cycling"

"Hell on Wheels" Erik Zabel won the "legend of cycling" award according to a 2006 reader poll. Congratulations to my fellow countryman !

In another reader poll, Landis' Stage 17 victory won the "Best Moment of 2006" award. I intentionally omitted the "& resulting controversy" because I don't consider it a "best moment", regardless of the future outcome of the case.

The other big story today was that Michael Henson and Floyd Landis lashed back at Dick Pound about his recent, totally out-of-line remarks about Landis and the doping case. Most of the usual Landis bloggers have already commented on it; check out TBV for a comprehensive compilation.
On the one hand, I don't know whether I'm more eager to see Pound's reign or Dubya's reign end; on the other hand, I can only echo strbuk's comment at DPF that Pound should just continue to shoot his mouth off in order to accelerate his demise.

Rant takes a different approach with Sokolove’s NYT article and looks and the USADA and WADA doping statistics. My question here is: has anyone noticed WADA's 9.96% AAF in BILLIARDS ? Cycling came in with"only" 3.78%.

PS: It's amazing how many hits you get when you google "bush countdown". Even better when you can integrate the countdown clock with Firefox. Any takers for a Dick Pound countdown clock ?

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